Cardboard To Smother TurfGrass in New Mulch IB2DWs Bed - March 2024

Earlier in March, I posted the details of a partial project in our front-porch bed that included the application of some cardboard to smother turfgrass that has crept into the bed.  I laid down cardboard, the topped with with a mix of clay, topsoil and biosolids.  I still need to finish the rest of that bed.

But, in the meantime, I also applied the same treatment to a couple of spots in the expanded IB2DWs bed.  Last Fall, I carved out some new beds and removed SOME turf.  Turns out, I left behind A LOT of it, so...cardboard was the play here.  

I did this in two spots - closer to the Bald Cypress - 'above' the first Baby Blue Spruce.  Then, again, closer to the sidewalk by the other Baby Blue Spruce tree.  

Below are a some photos showing the post-cardboard + top soil + biosolids application.  There's still more grass to smother in this bed, but this is a good start:

I used topsoil, clay and then a big batch of biosolids.  In an attempt to mix those biosolids with even more organic material, I went down to the parkway near the curb and raked-up a couple of bucket-fulls of the honeylocust leaves that get embedded down there.  Those leaves are tiny, so they're great for adding to biosolids and will break down quickly.  Below are a few photos showing the honey locust leaves on top of the biosolids and other soil.  

These beds will be finalized (for shape) and then mulched for their first time this year.


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