River Rock Added to Pizza Oven Sub-Surface for Drainage - March 2024

I last added ten (10) bags of gravel to the excavated wood-fired pizza oven construction site to begin to level the area.  As a reminder, this is being built on-top of our drywell, so this gravel layer is an extra insurance policy for drainage below the slab in hopes of avoiding heaving. 

When I added the ten bags, I noted that I thought I'd need another round of gravel to finish the project.  Before heading to the store, I eye-balled the site and decided that I needed a bit more material on the western edge of the site.  Thanks to a sale, I decided to add six (6) bags of River Rock to that side.  Thinking that the larger size of the rocks would fill in the deeper portion of the dig - that part is going to *mostly* be outside the footprint of the foundation.  

Here's the site after six bags of river rock added to the left side (note the different color):

Gravel and River Rock for under Concrete Slab

Below is the Menards item # for the River Rock - 180-2006.  Normally priced $3.49 per bag, it was on sale for $2.24.  

I've been trying to keep a running total of costs for the project - here's my Backyard Wood-Fired Oven Construction Costs Google Spreadsheet - showing about $90 total spent on gravel, some cinder blocks and (now) 6 bags of river rock.  

The other thing that is (now) on my mind is adding some river rock to around the outlets of our downspouts - that's something I can do this Summer.


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