First Rose Feeding - Granular Fertilizer With Systemic Insect Treatment - May 2024

I'm posting this on May 9th, but these photos date back to May 1st - when I applied the first (monthly) treatment of rose fertilizer and systemic insect treatment.  I have just three Disneyland Roses left after the three that were planted last year failed to survive the Winter.  Roses are 'heavy eaters', so I try to feed them once a month.  I figure...there's no better day than the first of the month to feed them, right?  

Below are a couple of photos - first showing the granules that I tossed around the base of the roses.  And then, below, a photo of the container showing the 2-in-1 product:

Applying Rose Fertilizer and Insect Treatment - Granular

Rose Fertilizer and Insect Treatment - Granular


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