Cut and Come Again Zinnia Seeds Direct Sown - June 2024

Day four of Zinnia-mania - but now we move from beyond IB2DWs to the new cut flower bed that I carved out on the side of our house.  

For 2024 plantings with Zinnias, I first posted the details of some common orange Zinnias that I planted as bedding plants.  A day earlier, I planted a larger, further-along Uproar Rose Zinnia from the nursery.   Then, yesterday I planted a Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia in the conifer garden IB2DWs.  I pinched off all the blooms on these to try to get them to grow a bit more bushier.  

But, I'm also going full-on Zinnia Chaos Gardener with the new bed on the southside of the house.  I bought a couple of packets of Cut-and-Come-Again Zinnias and decided to direct sow them in the bed.  Did I evenly space them?  No, just kind-of scattered them.  Here's the bed recently planted - you can see anything but loam/dirt/mulch/compost/biosolids of course:

Cut and Come Again Zinnia Seeds Direct Sown

I also put some in the Greenstalk tower.  

But, that's not all.  Last Fall, I collected some Zinnia seeds from the salmon-colored ones we had in containers in 2023.  What did I do with those seeds?  I put them into the Greenstalk, too.  And the remaining seeds?  Scattered in the new bed.  

Cut and Come Again Zinnia Seeds Direct Sown

Speaking of chaos, I had some seeds from Nat's Mom from last season, too.  Nicotiana for sure, but also something else.  What did I do?  Chaos gardener-style scatter.  Below are the seeds that also went in:

Cut and Come Again Zinnia Seeds Direct Sown

Imagine my delight when just a few days later, we had sprouts and seedlings.  Below are a couple of photos showing a few things popping up:

Cut and Come Again Zinnia Seeds Direct Sown

Growing Cut Flower Zinnias in Greenstalk

Cut flowers are a'coming in 2024.  I'm thinking that I'll have to do some thinning to make sure they have enough room to breath and grow while they're on their way this season.  

When it comes to #2 on my 2024 to-do list, it sure feels like this Zinnia sprint is checking that box.


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