Getting to Know Acer pseudosieboldianum 'Northern Glow' - Korean Maple - June 2024

Over the years, I've come across Korean Maples that are hybrids with Japanese Maples.  Famously, the folks at Iseli Nursery have introduced a collection of "Jack Frost Maples" that are hybrids of Acer palmatums and Acer pseudosieboldaianum - Japanese and Korean Maples - that have been 'evaluated and selected to tolerate the dramatic weather shifts of the upper Midwest of North America.'

The upper midwest?  That's us.  

So, when I was at The Growing Place and came across an affordable ($174.00) Northern Glow Korean Maple, I figured it was time to come home and go into our garden.  Below is the sign from TGP that calls it a cold-hardy tree that mostly resembles the Japanese Maple parent.

Northern Glow Korean Maple

And, here below, is a look at the tree that is currently stashed in the island bed by our driveway.  

Northern Glow Korean Maple

What do people say about the Northern Glow Maple?  iTrees has this listing:

Northern Glow® Maple combines the character of a Japanese Maple and the cold hardiness of a Korean Maple. Its graceful wide-spreading branches are covered in rich green leaves in the summer which will transition from bright orange-red to deep red in the fall. This tree is a total delight in the landscape and offers ornamental interest and a zen quality to any landscape bed, patio, or garden area.
Sounds great, right?

Now I have to figure out where it should go.  The easy answer is the backyard.  One reason is that it boasts of "Walnut Toxicity Resistance" - per McKay Nursery.  But, I'm thinking this should go in front and be part of the anchoring of a front-yard garden/conifer garden.  Everyone says it can handle more sun that most JMs.  

Time is now to get it in before the heat of the Summer.  


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