Pruning A Pagoda Dogwood Tree - June 2024

For the second growing-season in-a-row, I've pruned the small Pagoda Dogwood tree in our backyard.  Planted in Fall 2021, this native tree has just quietly grown into something about the size of a medium-sized shrub.   It has horizontal branching, so I've been careful to prune it - while making it more tree-form while not taking too much off the tree.  

Last year, I pruned back the bottom layer of branches.  Not removing branches, but just cutting them back.  This year, I'm doing the same thing - but a layer higher. 

Below is the pre-pruning look at our Pagoda Dogwood tree.  The second layer is reaching out wide.  

Pruning A Pagoda Dogwood Tree

And, below is the 'after'.  I cut a segment down on each of the second-tier of branching.  Hoping for even more vertical-growth from the leader this season.  

Pruning A Pagoda Dogwood Tree


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