Three Orange Nugget Dahlia Tubers Planted - June 2024

I've been pushing myself to do more flowers in 2024 - and that includes dahlia tubers.  I posted recently about how I transplanted the Melina Fleur tubers that I started in containers into the new flower bed on the southside of our house.  Earlier this year, I picked up three Orange Nugget Dahlia tubers at Menards and did the same container-start with them.  This past weekend, I dug the three of them into that same southside bed.  

Below, you can see the three sprouted tubers - Orange Nugget Dahlias.

Orange Nugget Dahlia Tubers Planted

Below is a look at the foliage that has sprouted from one of the Orange Nugget tubers:

Orange Nugget Dahlia Tubers Planted

I have a few more tubers to get in the ground and when those are done, I'll have ten-or-so dahlias in teh ground.  


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