Vegetable Plantings for 2024 - Container and Tower - June 2024

When I think back on my gardening journey, I really started as a vegetable gardener.  Tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans, herbs and more.  When we moved, I really leaned AWAY from vegetables and into perennials and foliage.  Why?  Shade vs. Sun.  Our old garden had ALL Sun.  Our new one has almost ALL Shade.  

But, I began to solve that by building a patio vegetable garden set-up over the years.  First, with a raised planter box.  Then last year, with a Greenstalk tower.

#19 on my 2024 to-do list is to 'do more with vegetables'.   How am I going about doing that?  By planting a couple of bush tomatoes and some other things.

First the tomatoes.  I've mostly settled on ONLY planting bush tomato plants.   This year, I bought one at the Morton Sale - Tiny Tim Cherry.  I also picked up two others at the big box store: Little Napoli - which is a roma in bush form (kinda neat) and Little Bing - also a cherry.  Below is a look at the three in the raised box:

Growing Bush Tomatoes On A Patio

A roma tomato in bush form - Little Napoli

Little Bing Tomato Plant

I normally grow basil and this year, I have a Large Leaf Basil, but I also picked up a Greek Oregano from the Morton Sale.  Below are a few photos:

Greek Oregano Plant

Greek Oregano Plant

Greek Oregano in Greenstalk Tower

One pepper plant - A Giant Marconi Pepper plant from the Morton Sale, too.  This went into the bottom row of the Greenstalk Tower:

Giant Marconi Sweet Pepper Plant

Giant Marconi Sweet Pepper Plant

I also put in a full layer of Lieutenant Broccoli plants in the Greenstalk Tower:

And, I also went back to my roots with a grow bag.  I put in a bunch of Purple Magic seed potatoes and buried them deep.  


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