Inferno Coleus Planted in Island Bed - July 2024

#8 on my 2024 to-do list was to plant more annuals - including coleus - as bedding plants.   I posted a link to a garden tour video earlier this year where I fell in love with Inferno Coleus and talked about how that felt like an entry-point for me.    While I probably should have BOUGHT MORE, I ended up with three.  Decent start, right?  Below, is a look at the three Inferno Coleus planted in full sun - in my new Island Bed in the front yard.  

Inferno Coleus - Zone 5b/6a

These three are planted in between the Korean Maple (Northern Glow) and the Spring Grove (dwarf) Ginkgo tree in our front yard.  

My immediate reaction is that three is NOT enough.  But, I'll watch these grow this season and then come up with a plan for 2025.

As it relates to the 2024 to-do list, I think these three Inferno Coleus check that box.


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