Varsity Letters @ Elmhurst College

Last fall, I coached the kickers and punters at Elmhurst College - a Division III football team in our town.  I had contacted the head coach early in 2009 and interviewed for the job.  After a few rounds of chats, they gave me the role.   I inherited a senior kicker/punter and a junior kicker.

I joined the team a month or two before fall camp, so we had a few workouts before the season hit.  The season team-wise was a bust.  We went 4-6 with a couple of heartbreaking last minute losses including a triple overtime loss.

But in coaching, I had a ton of fun and gained a bunch of new friends - both players and fellow coaches.  There's not many people that provide more laughs than a bunch of college-aged men on a football team.  I would leave practice every time with a big smile on my face.

Fortunately, my work schedule was flexible enough for me to be able to get to a few practices during the day- but not every one - and to most games.  They move their schedule around and do some things in the morning and some late in the afternoon.  It wasn't perfect for me, but I made it work.

The season wrapped up this weekend with the Awards Banquet held on campus.  I was happy to be able to be on hand to help award the Varsity "E" letters to the specialists.  Seeing these guys grow into men is a joy and a honor.  We're welcoming in 2 or 3 new Freshman kickers and bringing back 1 senior.

I can't wait for next season.  Go Bluejays!


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