Top 10 Posts on For 2015

While we're not quite at the end of the calendar year, I think I can safely say that 2015 is looking to turn out to be a 365 posts in 365 days kinda year.  I have had a few of those in the past - both in 2010 and 2011.  In 2012, I came awfully close with 354 posts.  Last year?  A paltry 94 posts.

I also believe that I can safely say that not all of the posts written this year (or any year) were total gems.  There were plenty of turds mixed in there.  But....but...but...there were *some* that worked better than others in terms of attention/engagement.  And no good blogger these days isn't writing list-icles, so I figure I need to include one of those in my posts for the year.

Without further delay, here's the Top Ten posts on this blog that were written in 2015.

10.  A post showing off the new Melrose Park Menards store (with fancy cart escalator ramp!)
9  A post documenting the gateway drug know as Shopkins
8.  A post showing the progress I've made on my Detroit-style pizza making this year
7.  A post marveling at how well WDWTableFinder (RIP) worked for ADR's at WDW
6.  A post showing off a new Moto360 watchface from my Dad's Omega Speedmaster watch
5.  A post (with video) of Sour Shoes from the Stern Show calling into Dan Patrick 
4.  A post (with video) showing off a new inflatable animated Dragon from Menards for Halloween
3.  A post showing off my new Africa (5,000 miles) badge from FitBit
2.  A post about a new variety of tomatoes that grows on a trellis called Tomato Rapunzel
1.  A post showing a new set of sunflower seeds called Apollo's Ring


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