On Vacation With My #AutomowerFirst from Husqvarna

I've been back at the office all this week, but for the two previous weeks, Nat and I took the kids over to visit their cousins (and my sister and brother-in-law who you know as Equation Boy/Man here on the blog).  I'll be posting some photos of the experiences we had over the next few weeks and I'll be putting up all the photos on the family blog, so if you know the url for that one, you can likely find a full recap over there soon.

But, the reason for this post is to talk about my lawn.  Yeah...my lawn.

I was in Europe for two weeks and I didn't once think about my lawn.  Why?  Because I had my Automower from Husqvarna at home just busily working away every night cutting the grass like a good robot should do!

For full details on the #AutomowerFirst program, go over here to check out this post about getting it set up and the full details.  (Disclaimer again!  I was given this device by Husqvarna to review and if I post on social media every once in a while, I might get to keep it.  If I like it!)

While having the Automower - which we've named Go-Go - just power along while we're home is one thing.  And it is nice.  But when you're on vacation?  It is just a weird, different feeling.  I was worried that it would get caught up somewhere or stolen or something else.  So, I sent my Dad and Nephew over there a few times to check-in on Go-Go.  And guess what?  It was right in it's cradle where it was supposed to be.

I have the Automower 315 and that works great for the yard we currently have.  Remember...we're living in Equation Boy/Man's house for the next year or so.  But, our new lot is much bigger.  And because of that, I'd really like the Automower 450X because of the coverage requirements.  I'm not sure the 315 will cover our new lot.

There's a price difference, but so far, I have to tell you, I'm super impressed by the Automower.  And...if there's a way for me to even pay the difference to upgrade to the 450X, I think, at this point, I'd try to do it.

Don't get me wrong:  the 315 is perfect for most suburban yards.  It capably does our front and back yard.  But, it has a 1/3 acre limit.  The 450X can get me what I need:  almost an acre of coverage.


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