Vintage Christmas Window Candle Lights With Sweet Bulbs - One That Got Away

It was just a few days ago that I posted about a vintage plastic Menorah that I came across at an Estate Sale in Elmhurst.  But, today, I'm sharing a photo of another 'one that got away'.  This time, it was at a Church Sale on 55th Street where I found an entire box of these three-candle vintage holiday lights.  With those pretty awesome red/orange flame bulbs.  There must have been ten sets of these in the box and it was a 'name your own price' sale.  But, I leaned on my collecting mantra and passed on them.  Feels like we need to go through a Christmas season before we add more decor for our new place.

These things would look awesome perched in the windows of an old house, wouldn't they?  I bet they'd cost a fortune to operate in energy costs, but it would be worth it for a few months, right?

Oh, and we have SO.MUCH.STUFF.  We (I) have to stop buying things.  The garage is loaded.  The is LOADED.  Once we sort things, I think we'll have to get someone to come pick it up like AmVets or St. Vincent De Paul, right?


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