Vintage Plastic Menorah - One That Got Away

In the basement of an Estate Sale in Elmhurst,  I came across this vintage lighted menorah amongst the pile of old Christmas and Halloween stuff.  I picked it up, took this photo, then set it down.  I didn't buy it, so I'm filing this under [One that got away], but now that I've gotten around to posting this, I'm kind of regretful for passing on it.  Those of you who know what has happened/been discovered in my Mom's family over the past year probably have a little smile on your face.  I can only imagine whipping it out at the holidays this year to uproarious laughter.

Thus, part of me is regretful and part of me is remembering my collecting treasures mantra.  Say it with me:
It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them.


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