Hill Cottage Tavern Collector's Plate - Out of Storage

About three years ago, we stopped at an Estate Sale at this beautiful white house on York Street in Elmhurst, just south of St. Charles.  After looking around, we were told that the house is the old "Hill Cottage Tavern" that was once located on Cottage Hill Avenue but was - at some point - moved to it's current location.  The house was up for sale and if not for the location, would have been SUPER hard for us to pass up.

We bought a few things at the Estate Sale, but one of them is this plate that you see above.  We bought it and then 2+ years ago, it went into storage only to be unwrapped and discovered as we unpacked our stuff at our #NewOldFarmhouse.

On the back of the plate are the details:  it was made by the York State Bank and Trust Company and this plate was made for their 55th year.  They made 1000 of them and this one is #538.

Once we saw it unwrapped, Nat knew immediately what we needed to do.  She quickly came to the conclusion that this plate doesn't belong in our house.  It belongs in it's rightful place.  I'm guessing that the folks who bought the house might have one of the 1000 of these plates that were made, but at some point, they're going to have one more.  On a trip back to Elmhurst, hopefully we'll be able to make a stop and ring their doorbell.  I'd love nothing more than to tell them that we shopped at the Estate Sale and bought the plate from the previous owners.  This plate is a little special in that the folks who lived there had this one.  All treasures belong in their 'right' place, don't you think?

Also, we certainly don't need to own this thing.  I love it, but just knowing it exists - and will be with it's rightful owner - is enough, I'm telling myself.  Remember...my mantra!

If we get a chance to get to the house and give them the plate, I'll try to snap a photo and post about it here on the blog.


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