Vintage McCoy Limited Pottery Pumpkin Mug - Vintage Find/Gift/Got Away

I didn't want to get too far away - calendar-wise - from Halloween before I got around to posting the pics of this pretty awesome vintage McCoy Pottery pumpkin Halloween mug. least that's what I thought it was when I came across it the first time. 

I saw it, picked it up and immediately turned it over to reveal this mark:  McCoy LTD USA.  Hmmm....McCoy?  But...McCoy LTD?

I went to my phone to find out if it was, indeed, the McCoy that we have some pieces of (and my oldest sister Linda collects). 

A quick turn to the McCoy Collectors Society page, reveals this subpage all about McCoy Limited.  And if you scroll down, you'll see a pumpkin.  Not this one, but a pumpkin.  And a close read of the copy tells us that this, is, indeed the real deal:
Halloween is a favorite holiday of many and is well represented by various sizes of Jack-O-Lantern items. Among these are cups, napkin holder, salt and pepper set, and different shapes, such as different size ghosts, that are perfect to set over candles for that frightening effect.

I brought it home and sheepishly showed Natalie to see if it was something that she wanted to keep.  She did, but like me, had mixed emotions. We have *so much* stuff that we're clearing out of the new house, that adding a treasure right now doesn't seem like the right move.

So, knowing my sister Linda treasures McCoys...we were afforded the opportunity to gift it to her.  She was delighted when we gave it to her.  The mug had found it's home.   This isn't quite a 'one that got away', but isn't destined for our house.  So...straddler?  Sure. 

I've posted about McCoy Pottery before on the blog.  Back in 2012, we lost a McCoy pot to a storm.  Earlier this year, I posted about a big McCoy that I regret passing on at an Estate Sale.  And in 2015, I posted about this adorable mug tree/mug set from a garage sale up in Michigan

This was truly a time when my collecting mantra held true.  Say it with me:
It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them.


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