Vintage Schlitz Mug - Antique Mall Find

Last week, I posted about our trip to the MAGA Antique Mall up in Lake Geneva and how we came across those vintage "Made in Japan" Poinsettia candle holders that we passed on.  Before we were asked to leave by the MAGA guy who runs the place (because...gasp! the boy was playing with some vintage toys!), I spotted this Schlitz glass mug.  They were asking $6 and this thing was H - E - A - V - Y!

I've posted a lot over the years about vintage Schlitz stuff, but this mug is a dead ringer for the big Schlitz pitcher that we bought at a flea market last summer. here for just a second.  And look at the bottom of that pitcher and the bottom of this glass.  Then look at the logo with the thin maroon line around the box.  And the white "The Beer that made Milwaukee Famous" font/mark.   This was totally released at the same time as that pitcher, right?  Had to be part of a set?  Like a tavern would place that pitcher on your table and four of these glasses on a tray right next to it?

Alas, I had to remind myself of my collecting mantra.  This one did not come home with us, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it and be happy that it exists.

As for Schlitz stuff, in addition to the glass pitcher and this mug, I've also posted about:

And while I'm making lists of archival blog posts, this post also gets categorized in the [vintage glasses] category/tag.  And there are a bunch of those posts:


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