New from Lionel in 2018: Moe & Joe Lumber Flatcar

Lionel Moe and Joe Operating Lumber Flatcar

Yesterday, I posted about an operating chicken-sounds boxcar which is the first of a few of my potential pre-orders from the 2018 Lionel O-Gauge catalog.  Today, I'm sharing the second item that I am eyeing in this year's catalog:  the Moe & Joe Lumber Flatcar. the image above from the catalog the red "NEW!", which the chicken-sweeping car from yesterday didn't have.

Trainworld has this one up on their pre-order site for $20 less than the listed price above and includes this description: "Moe & Joe figures unload boards at the touch of a button".  The Trainworld image and description also includes the unloading bin, which is absent in the image above from the catalog.

I poked around YouTube and came across this same car, but the description says that the last time it was made was 2004.  So, this will be the first one in 14 years?  Watching the video (I've embedded it below), I'm surprised that Moe & Joe unload just one board at a time!  I figured it was the whole load at once, but instead this has some nice back-and-forth action.  Check it out:

Seems like this one priced at $69.99 is kind of neat and is - right now - ahead of the poultry sounds car in my 2018 pre-order list for both the Mantleburg Line and for the nephews.


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