Backyard Bird Visitor Log: White-breasted Nuthatch

Today, here's a few photos of a new visitor:  the White-breasted Nuthatch.  I found him hopping around the ground under one of our feeders on a recent morning.  He's very pretty with blues, blacks, greys and whites all over and a striking black streak across the top of his head.    

As a reminder, I take these photos quickly, through screens in the windows on my phone zoomed all the way in.  So they're not great.  But, they're here to diary (for me) some of the visitors.  Here, below, is a different look at the same bird:

As soon as I saw this guy, I, of course, grabbed my Field Guide to Illinois Birds and tried to figure out what he was.  After thumbing through a few pages, I came across this entry for the White-breasted Nuthatch.  

A few key things here: 
1.  We do, indeed, have Oak trees. 
2.  He was at a feeder.
3.  They state that they're year-around visitors.  So, a late February visit isn't uncommon. 

I'm pretty confident in the conclusion here:  we have a White-breasted Nuthatch added to the visitor's log


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