Chicago Athletic Association Silver Spoon - Reed and Barton

I've written a few times about the Chicago Athletic Association here in Chicago over the years.  It is a place that holds a special meaning in my my life as it was where my oldest sister was married back in the early 1990's.  It has since been reborn as an uber-hip hotel with a cool rooftop bar (Cindy's).  I've been there for both drinks with friends and also work meetings/events

On a couple of occasions, I've come across artifacts from the CAA at stores and estate sales.  Nat and I have bought a few serving pieces for my sister and her husband and given them as Christmas/birthday gifts over the years.  The CAA has a wide variety of serving pieces and dishes that have been sold/taken that have shown up in the market online, too. 

This is a silver spoon from Reed and Barton that I when I saw it, I knew that I had to buy it.  When you pick it up, you notice that it is old.  It is tarnished and just feels old.  It is heavy yet delicate.  A look at the end of the spoon and - if you know the CAA - you instantly recognize the logo.  It is the Cubs' "C" inside of a circle.  I knew this wasn't from the Cubs, but the CAA. 

Here's a closer look at the Circle C logo.

Flipping the spoon over, you see that it is monogramed with "Chicago Athletic Association" on the reverse side of the handle.  Further down - not in this picture below - it is also marked "Reed & Barton".

There can't be very many buyers of a single spoon from a non-defunct club in Chicago, right?  I was going to pass on this, per my collecting mantra, but since it is a gift, I felt good about buying it. 

What she'll do with it, I have no idea.  But, I'm hoping that she'll just use it.  You can't really beat this thing up any more than it is, right?  It likely needs a little polish to take the tarnish off - or not - and then press it into service.  The handle is a bit long, so it might be awkward for cereal, but perfect for a sugar bowl or something when she has parties. 


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