Night Queen Dahlia Tubers - 2018

'Tis the season for Spring bulbs/tubers to go in the ground and as I've done in so many year's past, I'm giving it a go with Dahlias this Spring.  Starting all the way back in 2010, I've shared my adventures with Dahlia tubers.  I've planted them in pots/planters for our own yard and as gifts.  We've even bought and planted Dahlias of various types directly in the ground out front of our old house. 

And we've had limited luck with all of them.  But, still, we persist.  Why?  Because behind Peonies and maybe Allium, Dahlias are right there at the top of Nat's favorite flower list.   These "Night Queen" Dahlia are the small version (not 'Dinner plate') and they're going to get an early start in a big pot inside the house.  I also bought a few other things that I'll stick in the pot together and once it warms up, I'll move the pot outside.  With our patio done and plenty of work to be done on the yard, I'm thinking that we can up our pot/container game this year.  I typically plant a few pots with some annuals and call it a day.  This year, I'm thinking about making a planter box with a trellis to add a little privacy to our patio but also add a little bit of height to the set-up.  Instead of just putting all our pots on the ground, we'll have some different, varied heights to add some interest. 

Will these Dahlias come to life?  Who the heck knows.  But, if they do, I'll post some follow-up photos of them emerging from the soil as soon as they do.


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