Two Ferns Planted On North Side of Screened Porch: 2018

Last week, I picked up these two different ferns from Menards because of two reasons:

1.  I love ferns.
2.  They were on sale at just $2 a piece.

So, both the Japanese Painted fern and the Autumn Fern came home with us and they're going here online in my [Garden Diary] so I can look back over the years.

I planted a Japanese Painted fern back in 2012 in our old house in Elmhurst and documented it here in 2014 when it came back.   It never got all that large, but it did re-emerge after the winter - as long as I didn't smother it with mulch - so I figured I'd give it another go.

The other one - the Autumn Fern - is new to me.  I've had other ones called "Autumn Brilliance" before, but don't think this one in particular. 

They totally tolerate shade and basically require it, so I was looking for a spot that would guarantee that and ended up putting them in the little bed on the north side of the screened porch.  There's about 2' wide of a bed around the foundation with nothing in it.  So, I put these in.

For the garden diary:  Autumn Fern on the left.  Japanese Painted on the right.  I'll be sure to mark these before the mulch goes in this week.


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