Front Hydrangeas Update - June 2018

This is a look (and post in the [garden diary]) of our hydrangeas in the front yard.  On the right side - under the front part of our porch are four Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas.  On the left, are a pair of Annabelle Hydrangeas.  There are also two Little Rocket Narrow Spiked Ligularia that are showing in the photo, too, but this post isn't about them.

These hydrangea were planted at the same time and were the same size container.  I also gave both a hard pruning early this Spring/late this winter to be *about* the same size.  They were getting a bit 'leggy', so based on some guidance from fellow gardeners, I pruned them down to focus some of the growth into a more bush-like shrub. 

But, look at the growth on the two varieties.  The Annabelle's are planted facing south.  The Vanilla Strawberry ones are facing east - from the building.  Meaning that as the sun moves across the day, the two on the left side stay in the sun most of the day while the four out front move into shade as the day progresses.  Also, the Annabelle's are on the side of the house/wrap-around porch that has a downspout that I know 'tops' and gets some rain overrun.  The Annabelle's are growing faster, bigger and more dense, so I'm attributing it to the sun and water factors.   I'm placing this post in the Hornbeam Hill garden diary to reference over the years as these mature and grow. 


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