Inventory of Tree Heights - June 2018

A couple of days ago, I shared the photo and details of the Fraser Fir that I planted in the back.  In that post, I included a tape measure image that showed the current height.  I figured that taking a tool around the yard of Hornbeam Hill to document some of the other trees current heights which can serve as a benchmark in the years ahead.  

Here's a few of the trees that I was able to document.  

First up is our Saucer Magnolia in the front yard.  It is standing at 81" tall currently. 

One of our flowering pears - on the north fence line is 112" tall currently.

I measured the end Frans Fontaine Hornbeam trees and it came in (as best as I could tell) at 156" inches (13').

The Red Maple Sun Valley tree that we planted for Earth Day is 96" tall currently.

The weeping Cherry that we planted for Earth Day this year is currently 74" tall.

The Crimson King is currently 112" tall currently.

The Weeping Cedar tree that we planted this Spring is just 51" tall currently.  And that's with me training the leader up in the air!

The other Earth Day tree - a Chanticleer Flowering Pear - is 80" tall currently.

And...the previously mentioned Fraser Fir - 44" tall currently.

And finally, the Kwanzan Flowering Cherry is 112" tall currently at the tallest point - the exact same height as the Crimson King.  It will be interesting to watch these two go head-to-head.  I expect the Crimson King to leap ahead in the coming years, but this flowering cherry has surprised me thus far.


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