Karl Rosenfield Peony Tuber Planted - Sideyard 2018

Back one month ago, I shared a photo of the Sarah Berhhardt peony tuber that I planted in our backyard and talked about how peonies are Nat's favorite flowers.  Unfortunately, before that one, we didn't have any peonies in our entire yard.  But, we *are* fostering one at Nat's mom's house out in Naperville and I plan on bringing that over to Hornbeam Hill early this Summer. 

For Mother's Day this year, the kids all decided to buy a few bulbs/tubers for Nat and one of them is this Karl Rosenfield Peony - which is a double bloom variety. 

Around the side of our front porch, we have a couple of hydrangeas, but then a lot of blank, naked beds.  There is literally NOTHING in this spot on our landscape plan, so I decided to wing it.  It is south-facing, so peonies planted here would be getting some good sun and due to the downspouts and grading, this area gets a good amount of water.  So, just in front of the downspout off the porch is a spot that I stuck these peonies and buried them a few inches into the topsoil and below the layer of mulch.   

First year peonies aren't going to bloom and that's ok with me.  I just want to see the shoots come up and emerge and give the plant a chance to put down some roots so by next Summer, we'll have a vibrant plant that will give us a couple of blooms that we can cut and bring inside to enjoy. 


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