Rhododendrons Added To Backyard - 2018

Back in April, I shared a small look at the landscape plan that was specified for either side of our rear stoop.  These are the stairs that come out of our family room and lead to our patio.  That plan called for a pair of rhododendrons that flank each side of the stoop.  Earlier this Spring, I picked up the plants and got them in the ground before the mulch arrived.  After a bit of acclimating, they seem to have stabilized and have begun to throw off a series of beautiful, almost out-of-this-world blooms.  The photo above is one of them.  And you can see both of them in the image below. (pay no attention to the hose or shoes or sidewalk chalk in the photo!  We live in a perfect backyard, folks!)

One other thing to note in that photo:  the pot on the stoop contains the dahlias that I planted inside earlier this Spring.  Look how big and happy they are!?!?


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