Tear Down Ferns - Spring 2018 Update

Back in May, I posted a photo update on what I have been calling our 'teardown hostas' that came out of a yard down the block.  They've subsequently grown quite a bit and have leaf'd out to be nice sized hostas that are really in their first year of growth in our yard.  I mean...I put them in the ground in October, so there was really very little opportunity for them to grow/put down roots before they died off for the Winter.

In that same post back in October of 2017, I mentioned that I grabbed a fern or two as well from the tear down lot.  I planted them right amongst the hostas and guess what?  They, too, came back.  I took the photo above at the beginning of the month - and that's one of my favorite stages for these Ostrich Ferns - when they begin to unfurl.  But, because I'm just getting around to posting about these ferns, I went back and took another photo to show the progress/growth.  Look at how tall and proud it is standing now.  (and speaking of the hostas leaf'ing out, check one of them out in the bottom right corner)

This Spring, I've planted brand new ferns that I bought from Home Depot, bought a couple of 'fancy' varieties of ferns for outside our screened porch and even moved some of our 'survivor' ferns that came with our lot to a few different places that don't get much sun.  And they're all doing different kinds of 'well' in terms of growth and survival.

But what's doing the best?  These 'tear down' ones that I planted in October.  In fact, this one has sent out a shoot and created another stand of a smaller fern, so it's clearly happy here.  Strange, right?


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