First Fig - Summer 2018

All the way back in April, I was given a Chicago-Hardy Fig Tree for my birthday by my sister Vic and Equation Boy/Man.  I somehow, failed to post about the tree all the way until I did this recent patio planter/container round up earlier this month.  In that post, I showed the first look at the Chicago-hardy fig tree that is in a yellow container .

Today, you can see in the photo above the first fig that is coming to fruit.  There are three or four of these figs that are starting to grow, so maybe come late Summer, we'll have a little fig harvest.

As the name implies, this fig tree is cold hardy for our zone.  The full description is here.  With this being in a container, I'm thinking that I can move it to the garage or screened porch to provide it a little bit of winter cover with the hope that it comes back to life next Spring after living through the hard frost. 

Since this is in a container, I'm not counting it in the list of trees planted at Hornbeam Hill.  That stays at 25 trees with the most recent being the replacement Dawn Redwood in the backyard. 


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