New Backyard Addition: Squirrel Bungee Feeder

I recently added this Songbird Essentials Bungee Cord Squirrel Feeder to our backyard at Hornbeam Hill.  Those of you who have been reading for a while know that we have a set of bird feeders that we've set up close to our kitchen windows including a fly-thru feeder that continues to get raided by various critters.  Also, last year, I put out a Christmas-themed seed bell to only have it absconded with by someone within a few days.

As part of the program to become a "Certified Wildlife Habitat", we have to continue to provide food via feeders, so this also continues to check that box for us.

I put this bungee cord feeder on a shepherd's hook attached to the top of our fence so the corn cob is dangling about three and a half feet from the ground (too high to reach from the ground) and about 15 inches from the fence (almost too far to reach from the fence).    I'm hoping that by putting a squirrel-specific feeder over on this side of the yard, they'll leave my bird seed feeders alone.

Also, you guys might know that we have a Black Squirrel in our yard from time-to-time, so anything I can do to help support him is something I want to do.

After putting this out, it didn't take long for the squirrels to find it.  So far, I haven't caught them getting tossed/bungee'd yet, but they're creative critters who you can see are clinging to the fence, extending their bodies out horizontally to knock off a kernel or two, then dropping down to gobble them on the ground.  Smart.  Check out the video for the sweet squirrel action below:


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