Current Landscape State: Northside, In Front of Fence

I've posted about this area of our landscape before - here - and discussed a potential solution to the sightlines that exist between my house and our neighbor to the north.  I'm posting this photo here because I'd like to reference it after we *solve* this area.  I'm actually not sure what the real solve is here - besides the creation of a brick paver walk down the middle.  That's just part of the solution, but doesn't solve any of the sightlights or help give this area a real sense of place. 

It currently has just some grass and a few transplanted ferns tucked into the foundation bed.  That's it.  The stones you see under the gate are there to keep Lizzie from sneaking out. 

You can go back and check out the post I made about Sky Pencil Holly that I could plant and use to screen to the north, but this post is here to help stimulate my thinking over the Fall on what to do in terms of screening.  You'll note that in that post, I shared the landscape plan for this area and it is, unfortunately silent. 

More recently, I've been thinking about another espalier or pleached set of trees here?  It is deep shade, due to the location on the north side of the house.  Imagine either an espalier'd set of trees creating a vertical wall along the property line?  Or maybe even a system that creates a 'trellis' archway of sorts?  Now we're getting nuts, right?  Have to think about a good, espalier-friendly tree that can grow in the shade.  What about a pear tree?  I doubt it will fruit in the shade, but will it still grow?  And leaf out? 

I hope to begin to solve this area next Spring - starting with the hardscaping.  A paver walkway from our driveway all the way back to the rear patio.  To allow for easier access for guests and us when we're walking there.  But, also, how to screen?  I'm hoping the answer will reveal itself to me this winter.


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