Two More Disneyland Roses - Planted Fall 2018

Last year, Nat's Mom gifted us a Disneyland Rose for our anniversary and this year she did the same thing, but gave us two of them.  They arrived recently in a box from Jackson & Perkins that you see above.  Here's the post showing the rose plant from 2017 and includes the description of the variety.  I revisited our Disneyland Rose in June when it came back for the year and produced some small, but spectacular blooms.  I ended up planting the first one underneath the kitchen windows amongst some hostas and grasses.  I think that ultimately, I'm going to have to transplant it next year to a different spot, but for this season, it did well.

Below you can see the two new Rose plants that were shipped in the container.

I ended up planting them on the south side of our house - on either side of the window well that is out there.  Again, I'm not certain that this is where they're destined to go, but it is pretty much a blank canvas out there and these things needed a home where they can get some sunlight.  Seemed like a good spot to kind of 'stash' them until we build out more of our landscape beds in the back.

I've been thinking of doing a few espalier'd trees along this south side of the house - in particular thinking about apple trees, so *if* that ever comes to fruiting (get it!), these things will need to be transplanted.

Here's a photo of each of them - including some 'objects' like the gas meter and house vent in the photos so I know the placement of each here in the garden diary.


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