Early November Firewood Consumption Check-In 2018

Just like I did last year, I'm going to try to track our firewood usage over this Winter in an effort to understand how we are using it and to help plan for next year.  Here's an example of a post I put up in February of this year showing the progress.

As a reminder, we had two face cords delivered in mid-September.  One face cord of Cherry.  One of Birch.   And today, you can see that we've made quite a dent in the pile.  The photo above shows the wood pile that is outside that is about half-way down from the top.  And if you look back at the original photos, you'll note that there was a pile on the left that they stacked on the ground

But, the inside racks are still intact - and not changed. 

We've been burning fires almost everyday.  Or every night, I suppose.  We go through three pieces of wood most nights and the weather hasn't been too terribly cold at night.  I'm fearful that we'll blow through our two face cords before winter is over, but I'll keep an eye on it and see if we need to reorder more wood before Spring. 

Consider this the early November consumption check-in. 


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