RIP Lucky - Our Goldfish

There's no picture here, mostly because a photo of an upside down goldfish is gross and, frankly, a little sad.  Lucky, our goldfish is no more.

I posted about Lucky back in 2016 when The Babe won her/him at Ribfest

She/he lived in a bowl in Equation Boy/Man's house for a while, then we moved him/her into our place in Downers Grove.  The bowl sat on our vanity upstairs since we moved in.

Welp, he/she succomb'd to something earlier this month and I noticed that he/she was acting funny and after spending a few days near the bottom of the bowl, started to float a bit.  Swimbladder problem is the most likely issue (Thx, Google!) and after a short period of time, he/she appeared one morning near the top of the bowl. 

The loss hit hard on a couple of the kids.  But only for an hour or two.  Then everyone seemingly moved on. 

Feels to me like an inflection point:  we can go one of two ways.

1.  Don't look back and get out of the fish business.
2.  Go big.  Get a tank. 

Nat has an opinion - and that's to move on, stay away from carnival games that include fish and live life without a goldfish.

Me?  I'm inclined to go big.  But, that's probably a mistake.

My post about Lucky - in happier days.


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