Pre-Christmas Firewood Consumption Check-in - December 2018

The last time I posted in the [firewood consumption] diary was back in the very beginning on November of this year.  At that time (post here), I had not touched the two 'indoor' racks (indoor meaning inside the screened porch) and had worked my way through about half-way of the outdoor third rack.  Today, I'm documenting where we are right ahead of Christmas.

In today's post there's only two photos of the inside racks.  That's because we've totally consumed the outdoor rack in its entirety.  And we're working against the two indoor racks. 

The top photo shows where we are in the smaller rack - with about half of that wood consumed.  The bottom portion remaining is Cherry. 

Below, the second photo shows the full 'big' rack that shows we've mostly NOT touched this rack with Cherry on top and Birch on the bottom. 

Feels like we've gone through about 'half' of the wood, doesn't it?  Last year, we had a Face Cord arrive in early January that got us through March and it seems to me that we have about that much remaining for this season.  I was fearing that we'd exhaust our supply before Winter and might need to re-order another Face Cord to get us to Spring.  But, between a few different dynamics, I'm thinking now that we might end up being just fine. 


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