TommyKnocker Brewery - Coaster Collection #33

Here's another 'vintage' coaster that I've added to the online [coaster collection] here on the blog.  This one comes just a week or so after the Contemporary Resort one that I found in my office closet when I was cleaning things out.  This one is from a brewery in Colorado (Idaho Springs, to be precise) that we went to more than five years ago. 

This is also the second 'vintage' coaster - along with the Half Acre one - that I've added in recent months from breweries. 

I have a vague memories of being at this brewery, but I'm not exactly sure why this coaster came home with me and why it went into storage in my closet for all these years.  But, now that is memorialized into the collection here online, it will get used on my home office desk for a bit, then tossed. 


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