Cracked Corn - A New Winter Treat For Our Backyard Critters

With the hardest part of Winter here for us humans, I am trying to find things to make us a little bit happier during the dark, cold, wet days of January.  And one of those ways is dealing with our feeders for the birds and the squirrels.  In an attempt to keep the squirrels off of and away from our feeders, I'm trying to enhance our offering.  Those of you following along at home might remember that earlier this Summer, we added a 'Squirrel Bungee' feeder.

Now we're going further:  feeding them in neat little piles along the top of our fence - which is where they seem to run along all day.

This ten pound back of cracked corn was just a little over $10 on Amazon and is, I hope, just the ticket to keeping our squirrels and ground-feeding birds happy for the rest of the Winter.

And it gives me something to do with the boy every once in a while.  So that's nice, too.


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