Garden Trend for 2019: Gabion-Style Walls?

I read this story in Country Living about some garden trends that they see emerging in 2019 and one of the items on their list caught my attention:  gabion-style walls.

What the what?  I had never heard of those. 

A quick search around the Web and I realized that while I had not heard the term "gabion-style walls", I've come across them.  And likely, so have you.   But just didn't know that's what they were called. 

From the Country Living piece:

See that metal cage holding the material in/together?  That's the defining characteristic. 

More...From Gardenista:
Derived from an old Italian word, gabbione, meaning “big cage,” gabions are enclosures that can be filled with any sort of inorganic material: rock, brick, or concrete debris. The cages were originally wicker, but now are usually a welded mesh made of sturdy galvanized, coated, or stainless steel wire that won’t bend when filled with rocks. In landscaping, gabion walls can support an earth wall, stabilize the soil, prevent erosion, and more.
I haven't really been thinking about walls/hardscapes so much in our backyard planning/dreaming.  But maybe I should?  And could we use gabions?  File under: considering it.


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