Lamplight Lounge Coaster - Added to Collection #34

Just to make things simple here for the record keeper at the 'official' coaster collection archives, I'm calling this just one coaster.  You can see a bunch of coasters in the photos of this post and one side of them are all different, but just to keep things simple here, let's call this one coaster.

And that coaster is pretty neat:  it is from the new (at least kinda new) Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure.

As I've posted over time, we're lounge people when it comes to Disney parks and dining.  After taking some advice from Pam at the BoG Podcast, we've sought out more and more lounges.  They don't require ADRs and you can get pretty good food in an atmosphere that we can enjoy and the kids can tolerate.

This place - the Lamplight Lounge - is called a 'lounge', but it also takes ADRs.  Or at least reservations via the Disneyland mobile app - which is a bit different than WDW ADRs.  But, you get it, right?  Also, the food is a bit *more* here than the usual lounge fare.

Per the Disney Parks Blog:
There’s a hot new spot coming to Disney California Adventure park! Located at the entrance of Pixar Pier, Lamplight Lounge will be a stylish, fun place to hang out with the whole family. The lounge will be serving up playfully presented California casual gastro-pub cuisine and unique signature cocktails.
The Lamplight Lounge opened last Summer, so our trip earlier this year was our first chance to try the place.  The setting is really great - we sat out on the water in the lower level and had both heat lamps pointed at us and a fireplace table.  For a January evening, that was more than enough to keep us cozy.

As for this post, it is about the coaster.  Let's call this #34 in the collection.  And #11 of the collection related to Disney.

The full Disney list includes:

1. The standard one you see in your rooms @ Walt Disney World resort hotels.
2. This black and white one from the original Disneyland Resort Hotel
3. This *new* Walt Disney World resort hotel version that updates the look of #1 above.
4. One from the Irish pub Raglan Road restaurant in Disney Springs.
5. From inside the Magic Kingdom comes this one from the Skipper Canteen.
6. Right outside the Boardwalk Inn Hotel is where we got this coaster from the Flying Fish restaurant.
7. Back in Disney Springs, I found this one from the Boathouse.
8. Back on The Boardwalk is this one from the Abracadabar.
9. Down in the bowels of Disney Springs was this one from Enzo's hideaway.
10. A 'found' coaster from the Contemporary Resort long after a trip there.  
11.  This post about the Lamplight Lounge at Pixar Pier.

Now, about this coaster:  the front side is the same.  It features the Pixar Lamp that you can see at the very top of this post.

The flip side, however, are all different.  Here's four of the different ones we were given by our waiter:

According to "Dan the Pixar Fan", there are six total in the collection.  So, we were able to get four out of six.  Not bad!  (Technically, there's seven because there's a 'blank back' one.)

From Dan the Pixar Fan's post:
Each coaster features a sketch of an iconic Pixar character alongside the artist's autograph. There is the dumpling from Bao (sketched by the film's director, Domee Shi), an otter from Finding Dory (sketched by Pixar concept artist Rona Liu), Mama Imelda from Coco (sketched by Pixar artist Daniela Strijleva), Mr. Incredible (sketched by Pixar artist/animator Tony Fucile), Carl/Russell/Dug/Kevin from Up(sketched by director Pete Docter) and a Pizza Planet alien from Toy Story (sketched by artist/voice actor Jeff Pigeon, who also voiced the squeeze toy aliens in all three Toy Story films). You can even get blank coasters to sketch in your own characters.
Looking at the photos, we have the dumpling from Bao, the otter from Dory, Mama Imelda from Coco and the alien from Toy Story.  We're missing Mr. Incredible and the one from Up.

So, four coasters here.  But just one in the 'coaster collection'.

#11 of 34 total from Disney.  And second from DLR - with the first being the black-and-white one from the Disneyland Hotel that features the original monorail.


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