Another Garden Wall Style Courtesy of Disney's Aulani

In early January, I posted about 2019 garden trends and highlighted gabion-style walls (retaining walls made of loose stone/other items that are kind of bound by wire/mesh fence) while discussing how the style was appealing in what we're thinking about for our own backyard.  But, while on vacation in Ko' Olina in Hawaii at Disney's Aulani, I noticed that they've selected a different wall style that they use across the resort.  You can see it above and below in two different uses.  Top is a waterfall along with retaining wall.  Below the photo is just a retaining wall. 

In both of these cases, they've used what I presume to be a stone/rock veneer that is all one color and irregular in shape.  Mostly round(ish) and stacked without thick mortar lines in most areas, but clean, straight lines at the top and on the corners/edges.  Kind of the best of both worlds:  natural shapes from the material, but clean lines from the edges. 

There's a stone veneer available at Menards that is round(ish) that feels similar to this, but it seems the key is in the fitting of the stones to either have large (or small) mortar lines.  Maybe this kind of style is something we should consider, too?  I know that I still have a lot of heart for gabion-style walls, but Aulani-style laws have opened my eyes to a veneer option, too. 


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