Growing in Disney Parks: Trees, Flowers and Plants

Having now recently posted about seeing *in real life* the Disneyland Roses in Anaheim and one of the espalier'd trees/shrubs in Fantasyland, I've now think it is worth creating a curated post about all the trees/plants that I've cared enough about in Disney Parks to post about here on the blog.  Consider this my "Growing in Disney Parks" roundup. 

Before I get to the posts I've created, in searching about some of the trees, I came across this site: Plants of Disneyland.  Pretty incredible stuff - including a nice look at the Belgian Fence espalier that I posted about last week.   

Here's the archives related to plants inside of and around Disney Parks on the blog:

1.  Disneyland Roses.  In a bed near the Disneyland Resort Gateway along Harbor Blvd in Anaheim. 

2.  A Belgian Fence Espalier at Disneyland.  Turns out it is made out of Firethorn.   

3.  A beautiful Life Oak tree at Epcot in the World Showcase

4.  There's an incredible Live Oak Tree at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort out behind the pool.  If you are staying there, go try to find it.  It was brought to the site and the resort was basically built around the tree. 


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