Winnie the Pooh Blanket Cape from Tokyo Disneyland

Since my trip to the Tokyo Disney Resort, I've posted a bunch of times showing some of the  highlights and items that I brought back home including this pin marking the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the resort and the latest versions of the two park maps and the resort-specific bandaids - which I love. 

But none of the things that I brought home top this:  the fleece Winnie the Pooh Bear blanket or cape or shawl with a hood.  My middle child has a snuggle pal of Pooh Bear that she adores and after seeing this, I couldn't come home without it.    I mean...come on, right?  Just 'adorbies', as she says.  Nat took this photo and I couldn't help but share it here on the blog.

I found this product photo on this ebay listing that shows how it lays out:

Those dots are snaps that bring it together in the front.  I think they technically list it as a 'wearable blanket', but I'd rather call it a cape.  They had a bunch of characters like Mickey/Minnie and Chip/Dale and even Donald and Daisy.

This one was such a hit that maybe next time I go back, I should score a few more for the kids.  Oh...and Nat, too.  She was drawn to this one, too!


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