Purple Sensation Allium Emerge For Their First Season - 2019

Last October, at the time I planted 50 Tulip bulbs in our front yard, I also planted five Allium bulbs in the same bed.  Here's the post showing those bulbs going in.  I planted these Purple Sensation Allium bulbs behind the boxwood hedge but in front of the hydrangeas that are right in front of our porch.  This is the second set of Allium bulbs that we've tucked into our yard with the first ones going in the Fall of 2017 in our backyard.  Those made quick work of themselves and emerged and flowered in their first season. 

Just like the front yard tulips that popped up this Spring, these Allium bulbs have sprouted, too.  If you look at the photo at the top of this post, you'll see all five of them have arrived, but the first two on the left seem the strongest and the middle one is a little behind and has just emerged and is still yellow. 

I've always liked Allium bulbs, but they're Nat's favorite bulb.  She seems to be drawn to them more than tulips or daffodils or crocuses.  So much so that I 'surprised' her with our first alliums in the Spring of 2011.    Today, they're not so much of a surprise, but still have a sort of odd curiosity to them when they bloom out in their full sphere shape. 

When these flower, I'll post about them here on the garden diary.  And those of you looking to dig around in all the Allium-related posts over the years, head over here


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