A Visit to Ted Drewes for Frozen Custard - St. Louis

I've posted about the food tourism that was a key part of our family visit to St. Louis a couple of weeks ago that included a stop at Blueberry Hill on the Delmar Loop and a visit to the Downtown Imo's pizza ahead of a ballgame.  But, we also made a visit to the "must stop" Ted Drewes for frozen custard.  Nat recalls fondly her visits to Ted Drewes during her time at Wash U, but I had never had the stuff before.  Serious Eats calls Ted Drewes a "national institution", so the stop was, ummm, warranted. 

We pulled into the generous parking lot and hopped out of the van.  You walk around to the street-side of the stand (see the photo below) and wait in the line to order.  All of us ordered our own concretes in the smallest format.  Micro or Mini, I don't remember.  They take cards, so no need to come with cash, but after you order, you kind of stand around and wait for them to call your item out - just like most every other ice cream stand. 

Their menu can be found online, but they also have little pieces of paper taped up to the window that you can kind of make out in the photo above that feature other choices that aren't on their permanent menu.  I got the Muddy Mississippi that is a chocolate and peanut butter combo that was delicious.

The custard is served in these bright yellow and green cups and they also have a water jug with tiny cups set up near the front that you can grab to quench your thirst or....in our case use to was our kids' hands and mouses. 

This isn't [pizza tourism], but it is food tourism, right?  But it *is* food tourism.  Kind of like my visit to get the BEST Black and White Cookies last month in a trip to Russ and Daughters in SoHo in New York.  I suppose that means I need to create a new tag for [food tourism] and go back and mark some other posts like this one about Fudgie the Whale and this post featuring the Cheesecake Factory that was supposed to be the one on Big Bang Theory with it to make that tag category richer.


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