Documenting A Couple Of Spots of Standing Water In Our Backyard - May 2019

A few weeks back, we had a few days of very heavy rain.  It came down in the morning, afternoon and evening.  For like three of four days straight.  The ability to work in the yard was almost zero because of how saturated the ground was in the yard and the beds.  But that rain event also exposed to me a few areas in the far reaches of our yard that I think are worth documenting here in order to be sure that as I begin to address the far back yard that these spots are giving proper consideration.

Due to their location and distance for the existing water mitigation tools (Dry well, etc), I am thinking that the only way to really address some of these is through a combination of improving the soil's ability to absorb water (aeration, de-thatching) and through the changing of the grade.

First up is this linear puddle that is maybe twenty feet long and sits between a rough (eventual!) bed and the yard from the trampoline to the neighbor gate on the southside.  

The second is this large (and deep) pond that is in the middle/back of the property.  It is about 25 or so feet round.   And is in a place that is a mix of grass and weeds and basically....nothing.  But...if you look closely at this photo below, you can see a bunch of prior-year crabgrass that died back after the season last season.  Why am I pointing out dead stuff?  Because it hasn't (yet!  Fingers crossed.) been replaced with new crabgrass.   Perhaps...the timing and application of my pre-emergent this season was timed right and is keeping that stuff at bay.

The final spot here is on the north side and is located near a newly cut mulch bed.  This area of standing water straddles the bed and the lawn.   It is from West of the Dawn Redwood all the way to where we keep the kid's picnic table.  It is about 15 feet from West-to-East.

All of these are places that I'd like to eventually have lawn and they all appear to be in need of some changes in grade.    The final photo/spot is in a genuine low spot as our yard rolls from South to North.  So, perhaps that spot is *always* going to be wet and will likely require something like a stand-alone surface-drained dry well that I would need to dig in for installation.

For now, I'm leaving this off of my 2019 To-Do List Addendum, but I am thinking this is something that I'll likely have on the 2020 list.


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