2019 Garden and Yard To-Do List Addendum

Last week, I posted photos of the new Gold Cone Junipers that I bought at Menards.  I'll get around to posting some photos once I get them into the ground in the coming days.  But, that post talked about the need to add some spiral wire around the trees to ensure that they can take the snowload and stop them from splaying during the Winter.  In that post, I mentioned that I needed to add to the 'addendum' that lengthens my 2019 garden To-Do List that included wiring up these Junipers.

That got me wondering what else would be on my addendum list.

Let's get started and I'm guessing I'll revisit this list to add more items over the Spring and Summer.

Addendum To-Do List for 2019 Gardening Season.  Original List here.  

1.  Relocate some of the Fall bulbs including these Tulips along the South Fence line in the backyard.   If I move these 'forward', I can extend that bed and add something taller in the back.

2.  After I plant the tree Gold Cone Junipers, I need to wire them up with spiral wire to ensure they can handle the Winter snowload

3.  Extend the landscape beds on at least one side of the backyard to continue to add to the overall landscape plan.  This would require the relocation of the Automower wire (#6 on the original list) and give me some room to plant new items.  I'm thinking of the area to the West of where I planted the Lilacs last year and/or where I tried to put in a Hemlock last year to connect that area to the Dawn Redwood.

4.  Relocate via transplant all of our Foster Plants that are at Nat's Mom's house/garden.  The big hosta, a nice fern and our original peony all need to come back and find a home here.

5.  Take down the rest of the Buckthorn in our yard.  I have one large tree left and some others that are creeping back up because I didn't take the root system out.  Need to solve both of those issues this season.

6.  Update the yard hydrant area in the backyard to add a retractable hose.

7.   Work out the patio container situation.  Nat wants more uniformity, so making progress towards that goal should be the job this Summer.

I'm certain that I'll come up with more on this list.  I'll draft another post when that happens.


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