More Bonsai Nursery Stock Juniper

Back in the beginning of May, I posted a few photos of a piece of nursery stock from Home Depot that was a Cedar tree and talked about how I was beginning to go down the bonsai journey.  At the time, I knew that I was better off pulling some cheap ($10) pieces off the shelf from Home Depot, work them a bit and see what happens versus say...buying an *already* trained and pruned bonsai tree.   Then, just last week, I posted an update on how I think I might have GONE TOO FAR with my first tree.   I pruned the heck out of it.  And..I worked the roots.  Doing both at the same time is not a good idea, but I have to and learn.  Right?  That Cedar tree is basically done for the season.  I've put it in a bonsai pot and now I am just keeping an eye on it with water - which...the pot that I put it in has a tray below it - and that meant that the water ran through the pot, but was sticking around underneath it...thus keeping the feet of the plant wet for a few days.  Once I discovered this, I yanked the bottom tray out and let the tree breath a bit. back to the post at hand:  this Youngstown Juniper.  I was at Home Depot recently picking up a few things (will post about them soon) and saw that there were a few different Junipers that they had in these little one gallon pots for $9.98.  With my Cedar bonsai tree just going on auto-pilot for the next few months, I figured that I should grab a couple of new plants to see if I can try other techniques and work on some trees this Summer.  

The first up is this Juniper Youngstown. 

I picked through all the stock available to try to find something that had a substantial trunk already, had decent root-flare and doesn't suffer from reverse taper.  This thing is WILD in its current form, but I'm thinking that once I clean it out, we'll be able to see the trunk and some of the branches.  My goal here is to *just* take a shot at pruning some of the top of the tree and not work the roots too much.  My plan is to put this into a clay pot that is round and deep, NOT a bonsai pot.

I'll post a follow-up when I get started on this one.  And...the other species that I grabbed.


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