New Spring Green Growth on Weeping Cedar (After a Brown Spring)

I logged my concern about our Weeping Himalayan Cedar Tree a couple of weeks ago when I shared a photo that showed that the small, young tree was turning brown from the top down to the middle of the tree.  I had planted the tree just a little bit over a year prior, so our one year warranty was over and if the tree was dying I was out the money.  In that post, I found at least one source that confirmed that young cedar trees will sometimes brown out in the late Winter/early Spring to shed some of their needles to only grow back out green shortly thereafter.

Welp...I have some good news.  At least I'm pretty sure it is good news.  Check out the photos at the top here and bottom of the post.  See all those new green needle buds?  They are all over the limbs of this beautiful tree.

I am really excited to see that this thing made it through our tough Winter and now that I know it experienced some stress, I'll try to baby it through the Summer to make sure it is adequately watered and tended to with food/fertilizer.

Number 8 on my 2019 'to do' list for the yard is to add more conifers.  This Weeping Cedar is the ONLY conifer in our yard from last season so losing this would have set me back even further than I am now in terms of adding Winter interest.    With the Gold Cone Junipers (shrubs) and three of the six Hemlocks planted (and three more coming!), it feels like we're getting close to crossing off #8 on the list.


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