Adding Humic Acid To The Lawn - June 2019

This year, I'm trying a few different things with my yard including tending to it by myself (instead of having someone else cut it), trying Milorganite instead of a traditional 4-step synthetic fertilizer program, mixing and spreading my own herbicide blends and even trying to use a soil temperature tool to time the application of various things.  

There are a few more things that I have planned including the application of this product you see in the post above.  But, first...a soil test.  Yes, I'm going to test the soil we have, but I'll post more about that when it arrives.  I have a few choices to make in terms of how to pick the areas for testing.

Now, back to this package of The Andersons Humic Acid.  As I've talked about in the past, I've been spending more and more time looking at other folks on YouTube talking about their lawns and what-have-you and one of the products that I've seen a few times now is Humic Acid.  I poked around and this article seemed to be the most succinct yet comprehensive.  It convinced me to give the stuff a shot.  Turns out, they don't do things *themselves*, but the Humic Acid allows for other things (like fertilizer) to do its job better.
Humic acids are extremely important as a medium for transporting nutrients from the soil to the plant because they can hold onto ionized nutrients, preventing them from leaching away. Humic acids are also attracted to the depletion zone of the plant root. When they arrive at the roots, they bring along water and nutrients the plant needs.
Once I submit the soil test, my plan is to throw down this Humic Acid, consider some liquid aeration, hit the lawn with some ironite in a few places to test the color-up and finally, use my second round of Milorganite (if I can find it) on or around the 4th of July. 

I'm on my way to being a lawn crazy person.   Do you know that Progressive commercial about how this young couple moves into a new neighborhood and they notice that everyone is acting like their parents?  There's a part about cutting the lawn.  I'm this/close to becoming one of those guys, I think.

And...that's ok, I think.


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