Milorganite Hoarding - Summer 2019

There I was...walking through the garden center of our local Home Depot and what do I see?  A half of a pallet of bags of Milorganite.  Shortage?  What shortage?!?  I mentioned the potential Milorganite shortage in my initial post about starting to use the stuff.

There were about 30 bags of the fertilizer on the pallet.  Did I take all of them?  Nope.  But, I did take 12 bags.  That's two applications for this season.  If I go back and see more, I'll buy 12 more to hoard for a late Fall and next May application.  I also used the Menards site to see if they had inventory and to my surprise, every Wisconsin location is loaded!  Thinking I'll likely take a drive to Kenosha on a weekend we're up at the lake.

At the top of the post is a photo of six of the bags.  Below are the other six.   (oh...and a bag of Ironite!)

I've thrown down one application of Milorganite this year and after I get the results back from my SoilSavvy test, I'll know how to proceed with the rest of these bags. 


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