Our First Elephant Ear Emerged - Container Gardening 2019

Just like I did last year, I planted a few Elephant Ear bulbs in containers on our back patio.  I like the way they add a little bit of tropical interest and large leaf contrast to the pots and I think that I'll likely continue to add them (or something like them) going forward because this is the second year that I've had success with them.  Above (and below), you can see the first of our ordinary Colocasia start to unfurl.  I also planted a blackstem variety, but I don't remember which container that was in and I'm *pretty sure* that this isn't it.  At least...the stem isn't currently black, ya know?

Here's a look at similar Elephant Ears in a container on our back patio last Summer (2018).  And here's a peek at all of our containers from our back patio last July.  If/when the Black Stem Elephant Ear makes an appearance, I'll post a few photos.    


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